it is a 2 weeks course describes basics and principles of FAMILY MEDICINE,principles of promotion and prevention with different activities are prepared for each topic to demonstrate understanding and activate students thinking and participation. Objectives: 1- by the end of this course, students will understand basics and principles of family medicine. 2- students will be aware about the concepts of prevention and promotion, elements of adults and pediatrics check up. 3- students will be familiar with moodle course design and different activities. -Dear student, please read all the materials very well ,they are power point lectures, pdf materials and u tube external vedios links , all can be down loaded and can be saved in your computer, this will be in the 1st week, and then in the 2nd week, participate in the activities accompanying the course which are MCQs, forum ,assignments. -down load and fill the feed back paper in order to evaluate this experience and improve it so as to start our online moodle training program. -the course is 2 weeks, and will close after that so, hurry on!